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5 Easy and Enjoyable Tips on “Coding”

Besides English, program language or “coding” is now one of the keys to success in answering the challenges of the digital technology era. The current 4.0 Industrial Revolution is demanding various skills related to a variety of new fields: Supreme Data (Big Data), Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing to IoT (Internet of Things).

And a language that is able to bridge between humans and technology: that’s called coding. But often it happens, when we hear the word “coding” then what will be imagined is hard work, difficult, complicated, and boring. Though mastery of ‘language’, this one promises a very promising future. To be a programmer is a good choice for your career, but if you want a more enjoyable work and get rich easily, you can try to become a pro gambler. But for your information, do not play in any sites you found across the internet. Do deep research on how the site manages their members as well, this will help you gain trust from the site.

If we are interested or are pioneering a career related to this coding, then these 5 tips will make coding activities easy and fun.

1. Find happiness

The reason everyone starts learning to code is not necessarily the same. Some learned coding because they got coding courses. Others learned coding because of the demands of work. There is also learning coding because they are interested in solving challenges or problem-solving.

Whatever the reason we learn coding, if you do not find happiness when successfully solving a problem, it will be difficult to associate coding as a fun activity, let alone make coding as a hobby.

2. Solve problems

If we feel happy when successfully solving problems, coding could be the most appropriate activity to pursue. The reason is problem-solving, or problem-solving is the goal of why coding is done. Moreover, there is a great opportunity for a bright future that can be achieved if we pursue this data field.


In everyday language, what a programmer is doing is understanding how humans solve a problem, then translating this algorithm into something that can be done by computers in a language understood by the computer that is the coding language.

3. Make it a hobby

Hobbies are not always the best skills of a person, and conversely, a person’s expertise is not necessarily a hobby. However, often what becomes a hobby, eventually becomes his expertise. This makes sense considering a hobby is something that is liked so that it will always be done when we have free time.

And because of liking, intentionally or unconsciously, we will spend time doing what a hobby is. If our hobby is coding, and every time we use to do coding, coding skills will develop rapidly, and we will feel happy while doing it.

4. Join the community

To answer this question, and we need to know the root of the problem: what makes us hamper when coding? If we feel disturbed by noisy co-workers, we can use earphones or move to a quieter place.

Or if we feel “stretched” because no one can be invited to a discussion when there is a problem with coding, then joining the coder and data scientist community is the solution we need.

5. “Live Coding”

If our problem turns out, we can not immediately see the results of coding, then coding with a program that allows “Live Coding” is the solution. DQLab is a program that allows us to learn coding, from learning R Language to data analysis, and data science whenever and wherever we want.

With the DQLab “Live Coding” feature, we can immediately see the results of the coding. Besides DQLab, he also regularly conducts monthly workshops with renowned data science practitioners in the industry and the community. DQLab is the best solution for those of us who want to learn coding and data science with ease and fun.

3 Tips of Programming, As Easy As Playing a Poker Game!

Confused by the maze of information that says learning coding is actually difficult?

No need to think about it, because we will try to give three tips or things to learn to code, so it’s easier and more fun.

Know the learning objectives

The first thing we consider to have a significant role is knowing what the goals of learning coding are. The purpose of each person’s learning can be different. There are long term goals. There are also short term goals.

Some people learn coding to become a coder or programmer. And indeed, not everyone wants to be a coder or programmer. There are also those who study because they want to be a teacher. Why do you teach? Yes, instructors who can teach about coding and programming.

With the variety of coding and programming languages, learning objectives become more varied. Some want to be web developers. Some want to be robots and drone programmers, and some want to be android/ios developers, mobile game or PC developers, and many more.

Now with you knowing what you are going to aim for, then you will know what programs you will learn.

Learning programming is as easy as when you learn to play poker

Learning objectives can be in the form of long-term investment. The younger you learn, the younger you master, the younger you get to know and be able to apply it. The more time increases, the scientific will also be far more mastering than those who have just known and started learning to code. And of course, it will be easier to learn as you go along with the flow, as easy as when you learn to play poker. Along the way, as you learn, you will find your sweet spot which will give you a better learning experience for a better play.

Choose a mentor and place to study

There are several things that need to be considered in determining the choice of a place to learn coding that is right and good as paying attention to the following points:

Not far from home

This means you will not need to spend more deeply and avoid fatigue that can reduce concentration in receiving learning material so that it affects the results that are less than the maximum.

Okay track record

With the current era of customer centeredness coupled with the digital age, finding information and reviewing and previewing a product or service from a brand is easier. I can also see the testimonials available or see whether there are any recommendations or not.

Cozy learning place

Another important factor is the place of learning. Make sure you get a comfortable place to study, such as more than adequate information on lights, availability of parking, comfortable chairs and tables, toilets, waiting rooms, and the like. Most companies are now increasingly sophisticated in providing more value with the addition of a super cozy waiting room, free drinks or snacks, super-fast wifi, and so forth.

Certified mentors and good teaching skills

programming community

Well, a good place to study, of course, has a clear source of learning/material obtained, instructors, graduates and certification, recruitment, and training processes. The closer it is to the completeness, the clarity of certification, and the ability of teachers, the more expensive the price you will pay.

Pre-service, process and after-study services

Another important factor to consider is what features and services can be provided in return for the price paid. Clarity of rules, for example, is not included because of illness or permission, to the change of class is an important thing that also needs to be known. The behavior and ability of staff in providing assistance starting from pre-learning, when the learning process, or after all the learning process has passed, will be an added value for you.

Completeness of facilities

Finally, what we consider to have enough value is a consideration, completeness of facilities such as a comfortable waiting room, adequate wifi connection, easy access to the toilet and parking, of course, a plus.

Commitment and motivation to learn

After having a clear goal, a cool and recommended place to study and mentor, the last tip we can give is how to maintain commitment and motivation to learn because this is the most difficult to maintain and do for most people.

Whatever happens, motivation to learn will go up and down. Therefore it must continue to be pumped and maintained. Commitment to being able to stay motivated and keep up with the learning process from beginning to end will greatly determine learning outcomes. Commitments also include if you also actively ask questions, actively participate in every learning activity, and are active in study groups in the classroom. In addition, at home, you still hold a commitment to keep practicing what has been learned, even if you can join the coder community or local or international programmers, always up to date with information about coding and programming and so on.

Now with the three tips above that can be done, we are sure learning coding will not be a difficult thing, but it will be more awake and focused.


6 Features of C ++ Programming Language for Beginners

Until now, the C ++ programming language continues to experience improvements. What are the superior features offered for beginners? Check out the following review.

Excellence features of the C ++ programming language

You certainly already know what the C ++ programming language is in the first point above. So, what are the benefits of the C ++ programming language features you can see in a few points below? When summarized, there are at least six good points, especially in terms of use.

Has a portable feature

The C ++ programming language is indeed widely used in the world today and has the support of standards set by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). The code you create in one operating system can also be used on other platforms. For example, just using Microsoft Windows can be compiled using Linux. If there are any changes to the compilation, it makes very little or no change at all.

Orientation on objects

This type of programming language is also object-oriented. This can be seen in the existing OOP style. Thus, the process of making an application can be easier. The existence of the tutorial will make it easier for you to make the programming language to the maintenance process. Of course, this method is more preferred by programmers.

Structured programming language

The C ++ programming language can compile directly into native machine code. This is what makes it one of the structured and fast programming languages ​​when optimized. The coding problem can be more easily and solved because it can be broken down into the smallest parts. So it’s easier to be corrected if something goes wrong. This programming language also has short flexibility in typing a code that is made.

More simple

how to master in c++

Actually, the workings of the C ++ programming language are almost the same as the previous generation or the C programming language. However, many feel when making this program easier. Especially if you are familiar with complicated syntactic programming languages, then using the C ++ programming language is the right choice.

Complete library support

In addition to the above advantages, the C ++ programming language is also supported by a complete library on certain programming language websites. Call it like SourceForge, which is able to produce around 3000 results for the C ++ library. Seeing this as an enormous potential, and it is said that this programming language is complete.

Easy to use

Then, is this C ++ programming language reliable for beginners? The answer is yes. Just like the Java programming language, you can do exception handling easily. Besides being used for hardware, the C ++ programming language can also be developed on a website to other applications.

The conclusion of the above review is, the C ++ programming language has its own advantages, especially as an exercise for beginners to create an application on the hardware or website. For websites, in addition to requiring a good programming language, you also need to use the best and trusted hosting services so that the website’s sustainability goes well.

7 Ways to Choose the Right Laptop for Programmers

For some people, laptops, maybe just one item that is quite luxurious and not very valuable. However, for a programmer, the presence of a computer is significant and a must. A laptop or computer for a programmer like a stethoscope that a doctor uses or a calculator for an accountant to work. Today, laptops can be found with a variety of variations, so we are confused as to what laptops are for programmers. Although usually, programmers are also gamers, they mostly will choose a high-grade laptop to accommodate the gaming requirement. Not just for hardcore gaming like Call of Duty or Dota2, the laptop also must be convenient to play online gambling for football. Where sometimes it’s called sportsbook agency which provides all betting in football tournaments, not only football but obviously they also providing all the information on all sports. Almost all laptops can be used for programming. However, in some instances, there are only a few laptops that are qualified in running specific programs. To find out, let’s see the following review:

1. Laptop Size

Laptop sizes on the market vary. These different sizes depend on the activity of the user himself. If you travel a lot and rarely stay in place, then the size of the laptop that suits you is 13 to 14 inches. The size is generally small, so it is easily stored in a bag. For those of you who don’t move around too often, then the size of the laptop can be higher like the size of 15 inches.

2 Processor

Processors on laptops and computers have a critical role. If we analogize, the processor is the brain of a computer or laptop in receiving information, running commands, and others. For this processor part, at least choose Intel Core i3. However, if you have a limited budget, Intel Dual-Core is enough to run programming.

3. RAM

Current or not, a laptop is also affected by the RAM capacity of the computer. The function of RAM is to run applications and software on a laptop. The greater the available RAM capacity, the smoother a program is. In general, the most standard RAM capacity for running a laptop is 2GB. However, if you want to become a programmer with a pretty heavy job, then the RAM capacity used is at least 6 GB or more. Also, note that look for a laptop that has two RAM slots. Because you can upgrade the RAM so you can minimize expenses.

4. Operating System

For the Operating System on a laptop, usually has three types. The first is Linux, the second is Windows, and the third is OS X. These three operating systems can generally be used to do programming. It’s just that, for the case of Apple-made applications, it can only be done on the OS X operating system. Plus, the laptop used must also be of Macbook type. So, we can conclude that if you want to make applications from Apple, use a Macbook type laptop. As for the types of applications such as Android, Java-based applications, web programming, laptops with Linux, and Windows operating systems can run them.

This is one of the most important things to think about before you buy a gaming laptop. Different specifications also have different performances. There are so many great variations of specifications for a gaming laptop, and it depends on what game you want to play. For example, you must buy the newest and updated specifications for playing a heavy game like Gods of War, Call of Duty, and e.t.c. Unless you like to play online games that are usually light and don’t require good specifications to be able to play, like online slots. You can play online slots by looking for the best real money casino, so you can get a lot of money just by playing games


Screen size is often considered trivial by some people. Whereas the comfort of the eyes with a laptop screen is very influential. In general, laptops have a resolution of around 1366px x 768px. For this size, the programmer is still not enough. The ideal screen size for programmers is 1920px x 1080px. The size is quite comfortable when seen by our eyes. Especially when doing multitasking or to see the writing on the screen. However, if your budget is insufficient, you should choose a screen size that makes your eyes comfortable. Because it is far more important.

6. Harddisk

Another computer component that is no less important is the hard drive. The function of the hard drive is to store various kinds of data on the laptop. These data can vary. Starting from project files, application data, software data, to the Computer Operating System. Well, for this hard drive, of course, you have to choose a large capacity hard drive. The minimum laptop must have a hard drive capacity of 1TB (1 Terabyte). This measure is ideal, considering the projects that are made in general are always large.

If you have more budget, try to choose a laptop that supports SSD. The advantages of SSD compared to hard drives are quite visible, starting from the side of performance to capacity. It’s just that SSDs are far more expensive than hard drives. Therefore, for this part, go back to the budget you have.

7. Keyboard

Again trivial things that are very important to note. The task of a programmer is to make the programming language. That is certainly a very close relationship with the keyboard. A comfortable keyboard for coding can also affect the programmer’s performance. Therefore, make sure that when you touch the keyboard, you feel comfortable and easy to press so that typos do not occur when coding.

After seeing the reviews above, now back again on your own to prepare a budget to buy a laptop. Hopefully, this article can be one of the best references.

5 Levels You Must Understand Before Becoming A Programmer

The more here Information and Communication Technology are increasingly in demand by many people, and also the employment for this knowledge is very much.

One of the jobs that are pretty much in demand is the Programmer, then what the programmer is.

The point is that programmers are people who are good at one or many fields on a computer and they write the programming language on everything we use on our computers.

For example, when we are chatting with other people, what you do is the result of a set of programming languages ​​designed by a programmer to be used for chatting.

Programmers have different levels and types, and now I will discuss the levels and kinds of programmers available.
Programmer level

1. Novice Programmer

This is the lowest level of a programmer, here they know about programming itself, and in practice, they still rely on tutorials.

If this game is your first introduction to a game, so you still often see the video tutorial to play the game or maybe ask people who are experts in the game.

2. Competent Programmer

Here you can already understand the use of programming, and you can solve several problems that are in a program.

If you play it, you are now not just playing, but you can already use the game items and begin to complete the game’s missions.

3. Expert Programmer

This is the highest level, and if you are already at this level, it means that you have been able to make works from your experience so far and from the experiments, you have done.

You can do an extraordinary job, and you can make a function that is arguably the best, this function you get from all the experiments you have done.

If you play it, you can create a new item that has never been mixed by other people, and from the results of the item’s mix, you make your game hero stronger.

4. Proficient Programmer

Here you are very good at programming, you not only want to solve problems but you also want to try to solve these problems in various ways.

You more often do trials until finally finding the best solution according to you. Because of that, you become an expert in solving a problem that is even very complicated.

When played, you often try to combine several items to find the best concoction, and you already have a lot of item concoctions, thanks to this experiment.

5. Advance Beginner Programmer

At this level, you already know a little about programmers, and you don’t need to see any video tutorials about coding anymore.

If you play it, at this level, you can play the game but only play it, even though you don’t know anything else besides playing it.

CCNA? Is this Certificate Important for “Programmers”?

Certificates of expertise in specific fields have a big influence on your career. The function of the certificate is nothing but proof that you are indeed an expert in that field and can be trusted by the company.

Well, one of the certificates that you must have if you want a career in IT is CCNA. CCNA is an abbreviation of the Cisco Certification Network Associate, which is a certification program in the computer network industry issued by the Cisco Systems. Cisco is a company that is currently de-facto the computer network technology standard in the world. Can you imagine how vital this CCNA certificate is for those of you who want to dive into the world of IT?

For those of you who want a career in IT, CCNA is the most potent option to build your career and expertise. You will not immediately become an expert IT Network, but at least this is the first gate you need to open to go to a more beautiful workplace.

“Must” programmers have CCNA certificates? Why?

As mentioned earlier, certificates are one of the real benefits of building your career, whether it’s an employee, consultant, entrepreneur, or whatever because the certificate proves that you already have a written acknowledgment from the source that is the organization that issued the certificate.

Now, here are the reasons why you should have a CCNA certificate:

Understanding Routing and Switching as a Computer Network Core

Routing and switching are the backbones of a computer network. When talking about computer network infrastructure, two things that are never forgotten are routing and switching. Simply put, routing is the process of choosing the direction of traffic between computer networks. While switching is the activity of receiving data, processing, and sending back into the network. These two devices are commonly known as routers and switches. These are the two most important parts of a computer network. For those of you who already have a CCNA certificate, you can be sure that you are experts in these two things. Your expertise will no doubt.

CCNA Certified – This means that you have been certified by the Networking Leader

Although there are many debates out there about what the best vendor. But still, Cisco certified is the most priority at the moment. This is proven by the requirements to apply for work as a Network Engineer; almost all of them require candidates to be CCNA certified. In other words, CCNA is a high-class certification, and its quality is recognized. Of course, today, the majority of large companies use Cisco devices. Even so, one day, if required to deal with other devices, a CCNA Certified will not be confused.

Opening Opportunities for Salary Increase

Having a CCNA certificate certainly increases opportunities for you to be accepted to work in the companies that you desire. Especially the opportunity is accepted at companies that have become Cisco’s gold partners. For those of you who want to work in a company that you desire, especially if you are a fresh graduate, learning CCNA is one effective way to boost your career. The benefits of having a CCNA certificate are not only for those who are looking for work but also useful for you who are currently working and want to earn more income.

The CCNA certification program was released by Cisco in 1998. CCNA is an intermediate level certification. This means, for you CCNA certificate holders, you are considered capable of managing enterprise-level medium-high level networks.

Wow, very interesting, right? Your career path is guaranteed to be better if you have this certificate.

Want To Be A Professional Programmer, Avoid These Habits!

Here are some terrible habits that you should really avoid if you want to become a professional programmer:

1. Feel lazy to find out

Programming learning material now is actually quite widely available on the internet. If you are accustomed to English, there are actually abundant learning resources. For those of you who prefer Indonesian-language, many provide it, one of which you can learn from a variety of learning content in CodePolitan, such as articles, interactive coding, tutorial sets, and ebooks. Well, the problem is that many novice programmers or prospective programmers tend to be lazy to find out. But only if they want to find out, then everything will become easier.

This is also what often causes bullying in programming forums. Many beginner programmers often ask questions for things that are very simple. If he spends a little time to find out, then the problem or the issue is immediately answered. Apart from his ignorance, so the seniors saw no serious effort to find out. Not that we support bullying. However, if all parties understand the ethics, then actually things like bullying in programming forums need not happen.

Therefore, this mentality must be completely avoided if you want to become a programmer. After all, a lot of learning resources are available on the internet. It’s just that the problem is willing or unwilling to find out. If you only rely on being fed and do not learn if no one tells, believe that the desire to become a professional programmer will be difficult to realize. How not, in the world of programming, technology will always evolve and at all times, demand us to continue learning. If we just stay quiet and wait to be fed, we will keep being left behind.

2. Always hope for a shortcut

If we see great people or successful people in their fields, do not just look at how when he was successful. See how they struggle in the direction of greatness or success. Stop counting on how many hundred hours you have spent learning and developing your skills. So if you want to be like them, there is no other way but to go through the process. There are no shortcuts!

Do not think successful people have never experienced difficulties in learning. Try occasionally look at the story of their journey in pursuing a career as a programmer at Wikipedia. They also had difficulty learning, and it’s just that they did not give up, so they became what they are today.

3. Never Use Paid Services

If we want to be valued and paid for the services we do, then so do others. We certainly do not want it when we are struggling to make a website, app, or software for our clients. Our clients suddenly say, “Why, I think it’s free? That’s just typed only to make it!”. So give rights to others as well as we want our rights to be fulfilled.

A problem that often occurs among chronic beginner developers in the world that makes it difficult to develop is a free habit. Many people want to be good and become a master but do not wish to incur investment costs to go to it. When someone sells a paid ebook, or when someone makes a paid video tutorial or a paid workshop, someone will comment, “Wow, why are they paid, they are so stingy! Science is for sale!.” Believe me, people like that will have difficulty going forward.

Top 5 IT Certifications You Should Have

In the world of information technology, there are countless sub-fields of competence. As a result, each sub-field of IT competence requires sharp focus and attention to be able to master it both in terms of knowledge and skills. Likewise, with the certification, the IT world has many international IT certification programs. So much so that you should focus on a particular area that you want to master. Because it is impossible to learn all fields of competence that exist in the world of information technology.

Besides, IT certification can also be classified into several types. From the certification issued by the vendor who made its IT products. Certification issued by an independent organization that is vendor-neutral or official certification from an agency or state agency. Various types, but all aim one: meet the needs of IT professionals for the recognition of competence in the field of IT technology. On the other hand, this certification also helps the industry to get competent IT human resources.

Following are some of the most popular international IT certifications in the world:


Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a certification recognition of competency in the field of computer networks for entry-level network engineers. These skills include expertise in designing, building, and carrying out troubleshooting computer networks, both LAN and WAN. CCNA certification is a mandatory certification for network engineer candidates who want to work in an enterprise. Because large companies widely use the Cisco Systems for the needs of computer networks. However, CCNA certification owners should also have other IT competency certifications such as server administration, security, Linux, and others. To support the work as well as to become a more reliable value of expertise so that it looks eye-catching in the eyes of the employer. For information on CCNA training and certification, please visit the info here: CCNA Training and Certification.


Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) is a competency certification of computer network expertise. The owner of this certification is able to design, build, and carry out troubleshooting LAN / WAN network devices with up to 500 devices. The number of owners of this certification is still relatively small. Therefore CCNP certification owners will be sought by many employers interested in recruiting the owner of this certification to work in his company as a Network Engineer. Because eye-catching positively affects the salary offered. Their income is quite high when compared to other IT professions. If you are interested in having this certification, follow the training here: CCNP Training.


CCIE is a competency certification of computer network expertise where the owner is named an expert in the field of computer networks in accordance with the qualifications listed on the certificate. Because this certification is a certification of competence for the highest level of knowledge and skills that Cisco Systems provides IT professionals in the field of computer networking. Matei certification exam is relatively challenging, but if we study seriously, God willing, there is away. Maybe what’s quite challenging is the cost of the review, which could reach thousands dollar. So if you fail, it will make you cry.


4. CompTIA Network +

CompTIA Network + certification is a competency certification that states that the owner has the knowledge needed to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate, and configure computer network infrastructure at a basic level. It is a computer network certification that is an alternative to CCNA and is vendor-neutral, and therefore those who have this certification can handle a variety of computer network devices without being dependent on a particular vendor. CompTIA Network + certification is the most favorite certificate in Europe today. Interested in participating in this training? Please visit this link: CompTIA Network Training.



MikroTik Certified Network Associate is a competency certification at the primary level (associate) for computer networking expertise based on MikroTik products. Not only having knowledge of network technology based on MikroTik products but also having competence in the setting and configuration of Mikrotik networks. MTCNA certification is the second most popular computer network certification after CCNA. Because there are many companies in the World that use Mikrotik network devices as their IT infrastructure, there is wide open employment for Network Engineers with MTCNA Mikrotik certification. If you want to get certified, please visit the training information and certification here: MTCNA Mikrotik Training.

This is The Difference of Informatics Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Information System

When choosing a major for college, you may have met with a major in Informatics, Computer Engineering, and Information Systems located at one university. Sound similar to each other. Although both of them contain computer elements, of course, the three majors have some differences. Don’t just make assumptions, students! You have to know the difference between the three majors so that you don’t choose the wrong one. Check this out!

Informatics Engineering (Programming)

In the Informatics Engineering department, you will study science and techniques that discuss data processing or transformation problems by utilizing computer technology through logical processes. So, the courses that you meet will be more focused on programming, computer network technology, and software (application) development. In some universities, the Department of Informatics is called Computer Science.

So, before entering into this department, you have to ask yourself, do you want to become an IT practitioner as well as a Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Database Engineer, or Games Engineer? Moreover, if you choose Informatics Engineering (Computer Science) because of joining a friend, prestige, or wanted to look smarter, you should avoid selecting this major.

Because if not, get ready to experience global brain warming! Because, of course, you will meet Mathematics (Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Discrete, etc.), Algorithms, and Coding. Many people are trapped here and end up having difficulty graduating with mediocre grades. Well, if that’s the case, be careful there are still many companies that request Value transcripts, you know! But you don’t need to be afraid either. If you intend to choose this major, you will be able to graduate with a smile.


Computer Engineering (Hardware)

Then, what’s the difference between Informatics Engineering and Computer Engineering? Well, if Informatics Engineering is more focused on programming, then you will be more often struggling with hardware (device) in the Department of Computer Engineering. Relax, you will not suddenly be asked to assemble a computer. The hardware in question tends to relate to the microcontroller and computer processor. Occasionally, you will also meet with programming discussion with “machine language.”


Information Systems (Computer & Management)

This is a department that combines computer science with business/management. The knowledge learned is not much different from Informatics Engineering. However, Information Systems also function to be a “bridge” between business needs and applications that must be designed. So, you not only learn the science of designing applications, but you are also required to be able to communicate effectively with business clients after graduation.

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